Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Y is for Yarn

I've used many types of yarn over the last few years. Below I have listed my favorites and why.

#1 Vanna's Choice (100% Acrylic)- This yarn is affordable, soft yet durable, & perfect for baby hats.

#2 Caron Simply Soft (100% Acrylic)- This yarn is bad for having knots but it's my favorite for afghans. It makes a heavier afghan with a shiny and polished look.

#3 Lily Sugar 'n Cream (100% Cotton)- This yarn is soft and generally flawless. It's my favorite cotton yarn because of it's price and the available color options. It's perfect for kitchen items like dishcloths, and also great for hair accessories.

#4 Patons Stretch Sock (Cotton 41%, Wool 39%, Nylon 13%, 7% Elastic)- The color selection isn't massive with this yarn. The way this yarn works up makes up for that. It's soft and lightweight and offers just the right amount of stretch. It's great for socks and wrist warmers.

#5 Red Heart with Love (100% Acrylic)- This yarn has a super soft texture but is still very affordable. It would be great to make stuffed animals/amigurumi.

#6 Red Heart Sashay (97% Acrylic, 3% Metallic Polyester)- This yarn is used for ruffle scarfs. The color selection is gorgeous. It's generally flawless. It has just the right amount of metallic sparkle on the bottom, where the ruffle is. The price is a touch high but you only need one skein to make a scarf.


  1. I used to work in the needlework department at Hobby Lobby. I handled all sorts of yarn but have never been able to master the art of holding the hook or needles to complete anything but a tangled mess. My favorite to handle was the Lion Homespun. A couple years ago my husband and daughter built some tri-looms and she has made several shawls on them with Homespun. They are delicious to wear, but my only complaint is all the fuzz!

    Lovely posts and blog. I am stopping by on the A to Z road trip.


    1. LOL that's how I feel when it comes to knitting. I can crochet anything but when it comes to holding 2 needles for knitting I only make a tangled mess.

      I have worked with homespun a few times. I love the texture of the yarn. It's a touch hard to work with because the stitches get hidden in all the extra fiber bulk but the outcome is so gorgeous.

      I will stop by your blog as well. :)