Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B is for Button (Includes Free Pattern)

I wrote this cute little pattern incorporating a button because…who doesn’t love buttons?!?!

Yarn- Peaches & Crème (I used hot orange and white)
Crochet hook size F 3.75MM
Button of your choice
Metal Single Prong Hair Clip
Hot glue

Flower Pattern
ROUND 1- Crochet a Magic Ring, ch 1, 9sc inside magic ring, Slip Stitch to first sc
ROUND 2- Ch 4, slip stitch into next sc *ch 4, skip 1, slip stitch into next sc * Repeat from * to * around
ROUND 3- Change color. *(sc, dc, ch 1, tr, ch 1,dc, sc) in ch 4 space from previous round* Repeat from * to * around, slip stitch into top of first sc from beginning of round
Tie off and weave in ends.

Sew button onto center of flower. I used Peaches and Crème yarn in white to sew my button to the center of the flower. You may use sewing thread if you prefer. Glue flower onto hair clip.

Please do not copy or distribute this pattern. You are welcome to make this item, using my pattern, for both personal and business use. If you sell items made using this pattern, please provide a link back to this post. Thank you! J


  1. That IS cute! I love the different colors too :-)

  2. This is a great idea and thanks for the tutorial I always appreciate the work that goes into things like that. I wish there was a female in my house that would appreciate me making your flower button and alas for me I'm too old. Visiting from A to Z challenge.

  3. This is super cute! I love the orange, perfect colors for Spring! I might actually try to make this one :) Visiting from A-Z Challenge

  4. That's cute - and I love buttons.

  5. I've seen old cardigans with crochet buttons. It's a great way to improvise--or just make a statement.

  6. What a cute idea, I don't crochet, but I can and I may try making one of these for my granddaughter. Maybe I'll do something similar using fabric and a button. Because you're right, who doesn't like buttons. For Chris, we're never too old for pretties. Leave the hair clip off and use the flower as an embellishment on on of your tops. Or, add a safety pin to the back instead of the hair clip and make it a brooch. That's what I'll do with my fabric creation.

    1. Those are some really great ideas devotedtoquilting!