Monday, April 29, 2013

Q is for Quilting

When I was growing up my Mom had a tradition every year in the month of October. She always made my sister and I homemade Halloween costumes. This tradition brings back so many wonderful memories for me. So when I had my son I tried to carry this tradition on. I've made him a costume almost every Halloween since he was born, minus a couple years. This year he will be turning 7 and he has decided that a store bought costume is much more cool. Although it hurt my pride just a touch when he made this announcement to me, I have to say I was also somewhat relieved.

I can crochet anything you put in front of me but when it comes to sewing, I have yet to master the skill. You will find me with a pair of scissors and a seam ripper anytime I'm in front of a sewing machine. I have always wanted to master sewing simply because the art of quilting is a huge part of my family history. Maybe some day I'll improve. For now here are some great links from other crafters who have far more experience with sewing and quilting than me. :)

Quilting Terms & Lingo

Machine Quilting

Hand Quilting

Free Beginner Quilt Patterns

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