Tuesday, April 30, 2013

R is for Ruffle Scarf

I thought I had mastered every style and technique of crochet. A few months ago a good friend of mine mentioned ruffle scarfs. Now in my head I assumed this was like any other crochet scarf, worked across in rows either vertically or horizontally. So I ordered 7 skeins of Red Heart Sashay yarn and was so excited when it finally came in the mail. I opened it, pulled out a strand of yarn to check the texture, and had no idea how anyone could possibly make a scarf from it.
I searched tons of patterns and could not figure it out. Finally I came across a how to video on the ruffle scarf. After watching the video, I found the ruffle scarf to be one of the simplest things I had ever crocheted. The video can be found here. Even if you are new to crochet, these are so easy to make. I will be adding these to my shop this week, if you prefer to buy one already made. You will find them for sale at Craft Creek toward the end of this week.


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