Sunday, April 7, 2013

D is for Dog Toy

This pattern is a cheap and quick alternative to buying your dog store bought toys.

Yarn for Small Dogs
Old T-shirt Strips for Large Dogs
I used yarn to make this dog toy, as my toy is for a smaller dog. If you have a medium to large sized dog replace yarn with old t-shirt strips so that the end result will be more durable.
Step 1: Cut (18) 40" strands of yarn.
Step 2: Bunch the strands into 2 groups, 9 strands in each group.
Step 2: Form an X by crisscrossing the 2 groups of yarn. (I grouped mine by the colors red, white, & blue)
Step 3: Tie knot into the center of X.
Step 4: Braid each section, 4 sections total. Trim ends to even length.
You may add more strands of yarn to increase the overall thickness of the toy.
Please do not copy or distribute this pattern. You are welcome to make this item, using my pattern, for both personal and business use. If you sell items made using this pattern, please provide a link back to this post. Thank you! J

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