Tuesday, April 23, 2013

N is for Newspaper

I have simply ran myself short on time this week and have fallen behind on my crafting for the A-Z challenge. Baseball season has started up again for my 6 year old. Between work, moving, baseball practice, and crochet orders I feel a little ragged. Hopefully things slow down soon. I'm 20 weeks pregnant this week...half way!!! So for the next few posts I will featuring a few other blogs that have some super talented crafters behind them.

Some of us receive a newspaper in our mailbox or at our doorstep 2-3 times a week. Generally, we spend 10-15 minutes reading the paper and then it hits the trash can. Below I have found some talented artists who have given a new life to their morning paper.

Newspaper Roses
I love the look of these newspaper roses from the Michele Made Me blog. She offers a step by step tutorial Here. There are so many things you could use these beautiful roses for. You could even add a touch of pink and gold color to give them an antique look.
(Photo by Michele Made Me Blog)
Newspaper Reeds
Check out this neat tutorial on newspaper reeds from the Craft Stylish Blog. Diane Gilleland offers a step by step tutorial here http://www.craftstylish.com/item/45111/how-to-make-a-magazine-reed-box/page/all You can use these reeds to cover boxes, picture frames, tissue boxes and much more.
(Photo By Diane Gilleland)


  1. Those newspaper reeds are cool.

  2. I wanna try, these look so cool! Hope your putting your feet up (for a while at least!)